Beat the System with a Customized Wealth Strategy

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What We Do at Paradigm Life

Paradigm Life helps you create customized financial solutions proven to reduce risk, increase growth, minimize taxes, and put you in the driver’s seat of your wealth—not Wall Street.

We believe in a better financial system. One that makes life more predictable. Your financial goals are our goals, and our Wealth Strategists are by your side every step of the way.

The Wealth Maximization Account™

The primary way we help you achieve financial freedom is through a Wealth Maximization Account, a uniquely
structured, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy that uses a Paid-Up Additions rider to rapidly grow your wealth.

Benefits of a Wealth Maximization Account


A guaranteed rate of return takes the guesswork out of your portfolio.


Reduced tax liability and increased asset protection keep your wealth in your hands.


Access your wealth when you need it, regardless of age, without penalties.


Rest easy knowing market volatility can't touch your financial foundation.

Cash Flow

Enjoy retirement income you won’t have to worry about outliving.


Pass along wealth the same way the Rockefellers have.

How to Set Up a Wealth Maximization Account



Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Wealth Strategist.



Customize your policy among the nation's top mutual insurance providers.



Complete the application and underwriting process.

What is The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™?

If you've ever heard of Infinite Banking, Income for Life, Cash Flow Banking, Family Banking, or the 770 Account, then you’re familiar with the foundation of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy, the educational system we use to maximize your cash flow, minimize tax, and efficiently grow your wealth.

Who is The Perpetual Wealth Strategy for?

The Perpetual Wealth Strategy works for everyone, regardless of your financial stage.


You're paying down debt and working to build wealth you can access for large purchases, including business and real estate.


You're looking toward retirement and need cash flow you won't outlive, with a certainty that will withstand any economic environment.


You're preparing for long-term care expenses and ensuring a legacy for your family that provides lasting value.

Ways to Use the Perpetual Wealth Strategy

  • Make down payments on real estate
  • Prepare for college tuition without a 529 plan
  • Fund entrepreneurial ventures without relying on banks
  • Offer employees incentives with more stability than a 401(k) match
  • Insure your business
  • Supplement retirement income
  • Build multi-generational wealth
  • Provide long-term care for loved ones

Perpetual Wealth 101 Topics Include

  • How to reduce reliance on Wall Street and banks
  • The 401(k) and stock market vs. a Wealth Maximization Account
  • How to get guaranteed income and tax advantages
  • How to eliminate consumer credit
  • How to customize your unique financial goals
  • And much more...

Your Goals are Our Goals

Here's what our clients say about their experience with Paradigm Life

Whole life insurance has changed my investment strategies significantly! As a real estate investor, I never have to worry about going through the hassles back at the bank to get a loan!

Michael Oakley

Fear of the unknown - I believe keeps us from moving into great exploits. Paradigm Life® has increased my knowledge and stretched my thinking out of the box to help me see what once was a dream can now be my reality.

Ryan S.

The entire process from initial contact, the learning phase, understanding what we were looking for for the immediate future and beyond was carefully considered and options were shown to us so that we could choose.

Michael T.
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